REV : RetroStudios parle de Metroid Prime 3

-1. What inspired you to create the beautiful sceneries that we see in the Metroid Prime series?

[RETRO] Excellence in game development is a team effort. In the case of the Metroid Prime environments, we have a group of incredible artists who are taking full advantage of the rendering technology our engineers have created. As you can see, the final product is a testament to their talent and dedication.

-2. Will we see new features in Metroid Prime 3 that will incorporate the revolutionary aspect of the Revolution controller?

[RETRO] We plan on taking advantage of a number of new features in the Revolution, including the controller.

-3. What can you tell us about the plot of Metroid Prime 3?

[RETRO] The plot of Prime 3 is about closure, told against the backdrop of an epic struggle.

-4. Will Andrew Jones still be doing concept art for Prime 3?

[RETRO] Absolutely. Andrew is creating some marvelous work for Prime 3.

-5. Mr. Walker, as an animation student, I am just curious to know what animation software Retro uses for the cutscenes in the Metroid Prime games. Do you use commercial software, such as Maya, or has your studio developed its own 3d animation program?

[RETRO] Our designers and artists use a combination of proprietary tools and Maya to create the cut-scenes and cinematics for the Prime series.

-6. Will there still be the visor feature that we’ve seen in the past two Primes?

[RETRO] Yes, visor usage will still be important in Prime 3.

-7. About how much longer are you predicting it to be compared to Echoes?

[RETRO] That’s hard to say at this point. We don’t approach our development with a specific gameplay length in mind. We simply want to ensure the player enjoys the experience to the utmost, finishing with a true sense of accomplishment, not exasperated relief.

-8. Has Retro considered changing the camera in Metroid Prime (from the first person, back to a third person camera)?

[RETRO] Of course, the morphball has a 3rd-person camera, but no, we don’t plan on using a 3rd-person camera for the times when Samus is in a suit.

-9. Will this game’s story relate with old time foes/comrades (kraid.. luminoth.. ridley) or introduce new ones, like the Luminoth?

[RETRO] Something old, something new…

-10. Where do you get your ideas from for creatures?

[RETRO] The need for each type of creature really comes from a combination of the storyline and the need to progress the player’s ability at a particular point in the game. There’s also a hefty injection of rampant creativity that comes from the art, design, and engineering teams when fleshing these creatures out.

-11. Will MP3 be using a new engine, or will it utilize the same one as both previous primes?

[RETRO] The “engine” underwent drastic improvements between MP1 and 2, and will see even more between 2 and 3. Our engineers are a very talented and dedicated bunch, and they’re constantly looking for ways to make our games run smoother with more detail.

-12. Will Metroid Prime 3 allow you to travel to many worlds?

[RETRO] The player can expect to explore different, quite varied environments in Prime 3.

-13. In Metroid Prime 3, will we find the source of the Phazon?

[RETRO] Phazon is a mysterious substance, and -will definitely play a major role in Prime 3.

-14. How do you think Metroid Prime 3 will abolish the kiddy image Nintendo gets from its Mario games?

[RETRO] While the Mario games are industry classics, the Prime series has successfully established a grittier, more mature direction in all respects. We’re happy to help Nintendo increase its appeal to older players.

-15. What is the absolute best thing with working on the Metroid franchise?

[RETRO] The ability to work not only with the great team here at Retro, but also incredibly gifted people and industry legends like Yoshio akamoto, Kensuke Tanabe, and Kenji Yamamoto.

-16. With the improved technology of the Revolution and the presumed larger disc size, what should we expect from the Music of Prime 3?

[RETRO] Music production hasn’t yet begun, but we’ve already head some very exciting discussions with Kenji Yamamoto, who will return as the composer for Prime 3. We hope to take the music into some new directions for this title, and there’s no doubt Mr. Yamamoto is going to relish the challenge.

Voila donc la version originale de l’interview de RetroStudios sur Metroid Prime 3. Il en ressort ceci :

– Le jeu utilisera les différentes innovations de la console, dont le pad encore énigmatique et les interfaces de la machines !
– L’usage du viseur sera toujours aussi important dans Metroid Prime 3 et le jeu garde son orientation First Person Shooter : jeu de tire à la première personne.
– De nouveaux personnages feront leurs apparitions , mais on en verra également des anciens de la série.
– Les environnements seront tout à fait variés
– Le Phazon jouera à nouveau un grand rôle encore une fois dans le jeu.
– Le jeu verra également le retour de Kenji Yamamoto comme compositeur afin d’amener le titre à un niveau d’éxcellence musical plus abbouti que l’épisode précédant.
– Andrew Jones l’un des meilleurs artistes de Retro Studios, travaille toujours pour RETRO.

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  1. > REV : RetroStudios parle de Metroid Prime 3
    a quand des images Ms Retro???;)

  2. > REV : RetroStudios parle de Metroid Prime 3
    Erf je pense que les premières images de Metroid Prime 3 seront données plus tard. A mon avis, lorsque la manette sera dévolée, on verra des jeux avec les franchises Nintendo en premier.
    Avant la fin de l’année donc.

  3. > REV : RetroStudios parle de Metroid Prime 3
    le jeu reste il vraiment un FIST person shooter!! mdr Spline faut corriger ca!!!

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